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45 Days Live Digital Marketing Bootcamp Program.

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Your Career In Digital Marketing

Career Oriented Program

A platform for interactive product/service marketing that employs digital technologies to convert and retain audiences. Various online marketing channels have helped online businesses grow all over the world. Between 2016 and 2021, we saw an 11 percent compound growth in digital marketing. Digital Marketing managers, SEO specialists, Social media managers, Content marketing specialists, and many other opportunities await you in a Digital Marketing Career.

Module 1: Fundamental Of Marketing & Content Marketing

What is digital marketing?
What is the Need for digital marketing?
Difference between digital marketing and
traditional marketing?
Components of digital marketing
Tools required in digital marketing.

Week 1.

Module 2 : Graphics Content Making

Graphic design is a tool for improving communication with your target audience. Learning to design logos and key banners will add high-value skills to the brand and clients. We will teach you how to design logos through Live Designing sessions. Learn the fundamentals of design and get hands-on experience with Canva.

Week 2.

Module 3 : Website Creation

Domain names and domain extensions
Domain hosting, Cpanel & FTP accounts
What is a website?
What is the difference between a website and a blog?
What is a content management system
WordPress setup, Plugins, Themes
WordPress customization.

Week 3.

Module 4 : Search Engine Optimization

Evolution & Growth of Search Engines
How Search engine Works (google)
SEO Ranking factors, Crawling, robots, spider, Google Indexing, Google SandBox,
SEO success pyramid, Onpage
optimization, Technical Seo, Off Page
Optimization, SEO Audit, and Google Updates.

Week 4.

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to Google AdWords
Where ads can be seen on Google?
Ad Auction, Ad positioning, Ad Ranking
Factors AdWords Terminologies, Search Network, Display Network, Shopping Network, Video Network.

Week 5.

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

What is SMM? Why is it used ? Orientation to Social Media- Relevant Stats with Success Stories and Case studies

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy, Social Media Customer Care and Social Media Tools.

Week 6.

Our Objectives