Content marketing is the most important fuel for business growth. Businesses must improve their internet marketing or risk being left in the dust by competitors. Marketing through content development is a great fit for small, medium, and even large businesses.

The following are some of the advantages of content marketing:

  • Content marketing aids in the recognition of your company as an expert in its field.
  • Improved search engine results.
  • Other website pages, aside from product-related pages, should be ranked.
  • Conversions are increased.
  • It is economical.

Not every piece of content is created equal. There is good and low-quality stuff, just like anything else. According to studies, good content providers receive 7.8 times the traffic of average content creators. Here are six brands that are killing it with killer content strategies:

1. Casper

Have you ever looked for a mattress? Sure, it’s a pain because they all appear to be the same to most people. Is it a particularly articulate difficulty to develop interesting content for something as mundane as a mattress? Well, if one tries hard enough, one can succeed. Casper mattresses have gained a sizable online following thanks to their Van Winkle sleep concept blog. It discusses the importance of sleep in one’s life, and further studies backed up these claims.

2. Adobe’s 99u

This organization understands exactly what its clients require and has devised a highly effective formula for keeping them informed. The company keeps up with the newest design news, as well as advice from industry leaders, through its mainstream blog 99u. Furthermore, Adobe had gone beyond the traditional boundaries by distributing podcasts, best-selling books, and print periodicals, allowing it to build a social group with strong brand recognition.

3. The Chronologist 

The company sells wallpaper, but that doesn’t stop it from being inventive. It has cleverly positioned itself as a color expert, not just in paint, but in everything related to color. Food, home decor, literature, and fashion are all topics covered in their blog posts. It bolstered this position by including interviews with industry experts as well as advice on how to decorate your home. The brand’s Pinterest page, which features a well-curated array of room designs that will appeal to any designer, is the cherry on top.

4. Marriott

Marriott’s movie developments to those of Hollywood, but the grandeur they possess is undeniable, and the quality of their films is excellent when viewed with their hotel in the background. Two blockbuster films, two bellmen, and a business oddity were all distributed by the company. Both of them brought in a lot of money for the organization by demonstrating their ability to create high-quality material.

5. Denny’s

It is too astute because it has mastered the art of millennial marketing. To keep their viewers interested, they post smart puns on Twitter and never-ending food pornography on Instagram. They generate stuff that is both hilarious and genuine. It’s no surprise that the youth prefer it to everything else. The company has 330k Twitter followers and 74.5k Instagram followers, demonstrating its success in building a large audience.

6. Burberry

Burberry’s 150-year tradition as the fashion industry’s most-known brand may be mistaken for the fact that it does not need to focus on its marketing efforts. Despite this, the corporation is committed to working with highly advanced tech agencies to produce high-quality content. The firm teamed with Google to create the ‘Burberry Kisses’ campaign, which promoted beauty items through the use of image-capturing technology that allowed users to send personal messages throughout the world. It also teamed up with Snapchat to reveal a much-anticipated early glimpse at its 2016 spring collection.

7. Intelligentsia

Content from the intelligentsia would be ideal for a coffee aficionado. The company’s blog features up-to-date and actionable information on how to make coffee. The coffee-making guide is quite extensive, with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and high-definition images to assist viewers in creating their ideal caffeine dose for the day. The brand strategy is distinct enough to encourage consumers to share information on other sites, such as Reddit.

8. Benefit Cosmetics

In their internet video programming, the firm bakes exquisite cakes. The brand has a video series called tipsy tricks, in which hosts have a chat with the audience and discuss daily fashion and life. At the same time, they talk about how to use various cosmetics items. It enhances the engagement process by providing rapid responses to users in their comment areas, encouraging them to share the information with their social networks.

9. GoPro

Do you want to know what sets GoPro apart from the competition? The fact that it offers the best cameras ever made in the world and also happens to be on social media’s best brands list. The secret to this formula’s success is that it collaborates with incredibly creative content creators as well as sports fans to produce videos that people can’t stop watching. To top it off, the company generates over a thousand pieces of user-generated content based on cues from action videos posted online by individuals. The final output, or “people are awesome videos,” is created by editing and compiling these videos. This method allows the organization to take advantage of the no-cost promotion and no-cost content without incurring a significant financial loss.

10. Land Rover 

Land Rover is a luxury car manufacturer best known for its Range Rover, Land Rover, and Land Rover Discovery models. Land Rover is clearly the hero of its material, with the vehicles taking center stage in prose, photographs, and videos, which is a deviation from the normal content marketing approach.